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Earth is a planet which houses several living things like humans, animals, birds, plants, trees, etc. Earth science deals with the study of various changes occurring in the earth. It is also the study of the biodiversity of the land and the geological conditions of our planet. It is an integrated study of various science including biology, physics, and chemistry. Earth science can provide you a detailed insight into the geography of the earth. There are different reasons for students to study earth science at a young age. Every individual must save the world and make the world a better place to live. The significant reasons for the study of social science by students are discussed here.

To Understand The Planet Earth

The study of earth science can help you to understand the physical conditions of the earth. Earth science deals with the several factors that affect the planet earth. The various geological and biological factors of the planet earth can be known by the study of health science. You can examine the different climatic conditions that prevail in different parts of the world.

Monitors Changes In The Earth

Tracking the changes that occur in the physical state of the earth is important. The study of earth science has enabled people to perform various researches on the transformation of the various geographical aspects of the earth. Monitoring the geography of the earth can help you to identify the changes or dangers that is about to occur to the earth. The study of earth science helps you to prevent the various dangerous transformations from happening. You can know about the various animals which became extinct in the recent years.

Safeguards From Natural Disaster

Earth science can help you to analyze the impact created due to various natural disasters like earthquake, flood, tsunami, landslides, etc. Natural disasters can be a significant threat to the economy of a country. Thus it is essential that scientists make use of earth science to analyze the cause of the various natural disasters that occur in the earth. It enables you to devise a disaster management strategy so that the effect of the natural disasters does not cause a greater impact on the earth. The study of earth science can help to prevent greater damage caused to the earth and the people.

Offers Social Responsibility

The study of earth science by students at an early age helps them to perform with a social responsibility and save the planet. The students are trained to deal with the effects of various natural disasters. Earth science makes the students aware of the various geological and physical transformation of the earth.

Take Active Part In Research

Students are encouraged to conduct various research activities during the study of earth science. The research activities carried out by students are of great use for people who wish to know about the various changes in the planet earth.

The above are the reasons for young students to take up earth science as a major course of study. There are various colleges offering earth science course to the students. Earth science enables people to make the world a better place to live in. It helps you to save the world for the future generation.

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